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Get the earliest, most complete view of the rack market with our trusted solution, backed by validated data and superior customer service. Discover how DTN FastRacks® delivers a competitive edge like no other.
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Gain a competitive edge with our trusted rack data
What makes it better for your business?
  • Unparalleled accuracy
  • The earliest, most complete reports every morning
  • Validated data that reflects true rack prices
  • Historical data and trends for fast comparisons
  • Superior, friendly support
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The fuel industry is unforgiving. Mistakes cost money.
Get the edge you deserve with DTN FastRacks.
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Get the earliest and most complete benchmark numbers on the market
Delivered by 6 a.m.
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Fast facts about DTN FastRacks
Known for its superior pricing data and customer service, we work to ensure DTN FastRacks is always timely, accurate, and integrates seamlessly into your back-office.
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Accurate data
We offer electronically gathered rack prices, perform numerous control checks to remove outliers, and provide multi-year historical archives.
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Customer support
Our team of skilled analysts and dedicated support professionals are always ready to answer questions.
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Real-time insights
Make moves with greater confidence, backed by custom rack reports, price alerts, and the most advanced position analysis available.
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