Make Better Decisions with Greater Confidence
Because good decisions don’t happen by accident
Operational Intelligence is the next evolution in big data analytics. It delivers real-time data and information to improve situational awareness and support critical business decisions while conditions are rapidly changing. 
Find out how Operational Intelligence can give you a competitive edge with insights that accelerate the speed of confident decision-making.
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How digital modernization fuels downstream oil and gas
Operational Intelligence helps companies improve their situational awareness and business decision-making — and it is critical to the success of their digital modernization efforts.
The pressure to digitally modernize the downstream oil and gas supply chain is heating up. So, in partnership with Forrester, we’ve compiled essential insights to help accelerate your organization’s journey. Dive into our report to learn more.
Harnessing data for Operational Intelligence
By providing integrated data coupled with innovative and timely business insights, DTN empowers organizations to make more agile, confident supply chain decisions ahead of or in the moment.
Watch the video to see why DTN is the independent, trusted source of insights for organizations that feed, fuel, and protect the world.
Old school vs. new school
Streamline your operations with new and better ways to do things. Discover how your organization can make better-educated decisions with greater confidence by leveraging data and tools that deliver clear market insights, potentially boosting your bottom line.
Operational Intelligence eliminates decision dead zones
Decision dead zones don't just cost a few missed opportunities from failing to act quickly. Those instances add up — with lost time, efficiencies, and profits potentially totaling in the millions of dollars annually. 
McKinsey report recently estimated that ineffective decision-making accounts for about 530,000 days of managers' time lost each year for a typical Fortune 500 company, equivalent to some $250 million in wages annually.
Modernize transactions through streamlined operations and increased speed of sale.
Build stronger customer relationships with fast, secure access to timelier data.
Enhance decision-making and improve confidence with high-quality, targeted insights.
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