Supercharge your allocations and liftings
Build stronger customer relationships by clearly and securely communicating accurate allocation and ratability information and ensuring you have enough supply to meet future needs.

DTN Allocation Viewer and our forecasting module pair with your trusted DTN TABS® solution to make it possible. We'll show you how.
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Put the power of your data to work
Your handy DTN TABS already delivers must-have insights and critical control. It also holds the keys to open new doors when you supercharge it with your choice of powerful, optional enhancements.
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DTN TABS + DTN Allocation Viewer
Together with your DTN TABS, the forecasting module and DTN Allocation Viewer help deliver the ultimate level of customer support and communication.

The module uses lifting data, recorded events, and a time series algorithm to project future allocation needs at detailed customer and product levels.

Then, your customers can see their projected allocations in DTN Allocation Viewer — and communicate with you directly to ensure their allocation needs are met up to 36 months into the future. This gives you a more accurate long-term view of your customers' anticipated supply needs so you can better meet them — and drive your business.
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DTN Allocation Viewer
Offer clear visibility into product and credit allocations to help your customers ensure their ratability.

Watch this short video to get an inside look into the details of DTN Allocation Viewer. 
36 months
Strengthen — and extend — your planning
Our forecasting module supports optimal supply decisions by recording your liftings and events and using that data to support accurate forecasts up to 36 months out.

Get end-to-end visibility into supply events
Increase efficiencies by better managing supply issues with automated alerts to your impacted customers.
Better enforce credit lines at the rack
Maximize sales while minimizing risk. Effectively manage your credit risk and ensure your credit enforcement is accurate.
Address loading problems anywhere, anytime
Keep drivers moving, wherever you’re working. Find and fix loading issues, in the office, at home, or on the go.
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